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Current Projects

Island Dog is focused on helping animals in Puerto Rico by concentrating on the root problem, overpopulation. 
Throughout the world animals are left to suffer in homelessness because of overpopulation.  By providing and maintaining sterilization & vaccine programs, we can PREVENT unwanted animals from being born or dumped on the streets & beaches.  
Sterilization greatly reduces the need to rescue, which is far more far more expensive, and emotionally draining. 
In one year, a female dog can produce an average of 16 puppies. 
In six years, just one unsterilized female and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies.  
In 7 years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an estimated 400,000 kittens.  
These numbers simply catastrophic to healthy living conditions for animals.

We believe PREVENTION is better than a cure!! 


Discount Sterilization & Vaccine Program for owned pet/s

Although Puerto Rico is a U.S Territory, over 40% of the population live below the poverty line.  Because many families have a difficult time feeding themselves, Island Dog created a discount spay and neuter program.  For the low cost of $55.00, residents of Puerto Rico receive sterilization surgery, vaccines, and a health exam.

 For many locals this is their first introduction to a veterinarian.  

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Community Dog Sterilization

Island Dog created the Community Dog Sterilization Project in 2007 because of the thousands of homeless dogs in Puerto Rico. 

In communities throughout the island, there are dogs that are cared for by neighborhoods. These dogs enjoy their "island life," and create bonds with humans and other dogs in their community. True to their name, this project provides sterilization, vaccines, and preventive care medicines, like monthly flea & tick.  

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Cat Trap & Release 

Although we are "Island Dog," we love cats!  AND we can't ignore the MILLIONS of homeless cats in Puerto Rico.   While we would love to rescue many of the cats we meet, there is still a serious cat overpopulation problem in the United States.  Therefore, we have created a trap & release program. Each cat is sterilized, vaccinated, given medications, and fed daily.  ​We currently support several colonies throughout the island.




Back in 2006, when we first began our programs, we found hundreds of homeless dogs and cats on various beaches along the East Coast of the island.  We didn't have money or a shelter for these animals, nor did we have a place to send them for rehoming.  Thinking outside of the box, we decided to do the one thing we could do.  We created open aired shelters right on the beach.  We filled our vehicles with water, food, medications, grooming equipment and other supplies.  We set up a make shift medical tent, giving each animal a basic exam and bathing them.  We gave them life saving medications, and treated their frailing bodies.  We removed the ticks, fleas, and old blood.  We put red collars on them and hung signs saying these dogs and cats mattered to someone.  Dogs and cats are not trash.  

We then started a voucher program, providing discount or free sterilization, vaccines, and medical exams with local veterinarians.


We placed a VALUE on animals that was not seen or initially understood in the communities we were working.  Slowly compassion, empathy, and generosity began to grow and flourish in the community.  We began, slowly, growing animal friendly communities, proving that kindness, awareness and respect can be cultivated, shared, and absorbed into reality.  

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