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*To facilitate programs offering free or low-cost vaccinations & spay/neuter services.


​*To provide medication, food, and supplies to local pet owners in need, animal rescues, and welfare organizations working to

help animals in the U.S. Caribbean Islands.


*To aide tourists and locals with adoption services and transportation of dogs and cats to the mainland U.S.


*To promote responsible pet ownership.


​*To advocate shelter adoptions and work to eliminate puppy mills and backyard breeding.

*To provide the local population with a humane education that encourages kindness to animals, respect for natural habitats,

good citizenship, and peaceful conflict resolution.


OUR BELIEFS -- Prevention is better than a cure!

​We believe education breeds kindness. 

We believe overpopulation, abuse, and neglect are preventable with spay & neuter & education.

We realistically believe not every animal can or will be saved.

We believe in a safe, happy, and healthy future for the animals in the Caribbean Islands.

About Us

Island Dog is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization dedicated to building animal-friendly communities in Puerto Rico through our spay and neuter work. We focus on preventing unwanted births and reducing the homeless animal populations

on the island.  While rescue is occasionally part of our work, we focus on the BIG PICTURE of  minimizing animal populations, thus creating healthier and happier communities for both animals & people.

Island Dog is located on the East Coast of Puerto Rico. We work 
to help animals in the surrounding areas. Our spay and neuter program is available on the East Coast, Centrally, and the metro area. We work daily in local communities. 

Island Dog began in 2006 and gained our 501 (c) (3) status in 2007.  Since our inception we have worked to prevent animal suffering in the  U.S. Colony of

Puerto Rico and beyond.  

TAX ID: 20-5107492

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