Why do we help the dogs of puerto rico,

a U.s. Colony??

Puerto Rico-There are an estimated 300,000+ dogs and 1 million cats roaming the streets and beaches, either born into homelessness or abandoned. 

Puerto Rico is an island the size of Connecticut.  It has 78 cities. While each city is required by law to have an animal shelter, there are currently 5 small, unequipped, and under funded shelters on the island.  There are a few control agencies available for "humane euthanasia."  

*About 90% of animals entering these shelters are euthanized because of overpopulation and illness.  Over 500 dogs and cats will die a day in the island's control agencies because of overpopulation.

There are many "pet shops" & uneducated "backyard" breeders selling unhealthy, uncertified, and poorly kept animals.   Many of these shops are illegally vaccinating and treating dogs.  Most of the pets end up on the streets when they graduate from their "cute stage."

​*It is estimated that less than 10% of the pet population ever visit a veterinary clinic.