How to Rescue YOUR New Pet! ??
Frequent Questions...

Does my newly rescued pet need to be quarantined before travel to the mainland United States?

-No, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are part of the United States and therefore do NOT need to stay in quarantine.  All your pet needs is a Health Certificate from a local vet.  For a list of Veterinarians in Puerto Rico please click here.

Can my newly rescued pet fly with me?

​-Certain airlines allow pets to fly with you either under the seat in the airplane cabin or via cargo underneath.  In order for your pet to fly in the cabin, it must be able to fit in a standard pet airline-approved pet carrier.   You can find these carriers at the local super stores.  Pets over 20 lbs should fly via cargo. Your pet may fly with you on your plane in cargo on the following airlines: American, Delta, and United.   If you are flying another airline, you will have to make arrangements to fly your pet via cargo on one of the above airlines.   For a complete list of rules and regulations regarding pet travel please visit your airline website.  If you pet needs to stay in Puerto Rico while being treated for an illness, it may fly cargo when he/she is healthy enough to fly.  *Certain restrictions apply when flying a pet via cargo.  If the temperature is 85'F or over in the arrival or departure city, your pet is not allowed to fly, nor can it fly if the temperature is at or below 45.  *Certain airlines will allow a pet to fly cargo if the temperature is above 25 and below 85 if your vet will provide a Certificate of Acclimation.  United Airlines, is the only airline that has climate controlled cargo.  You can fly a pet with United at ANY temperature!  United also has the best rates for shipping pets via cargo.

Cargo Reservation Phone Numbers for Pet Travel:
American Airlines: 1-800-227-4622
United Airlines: 1-800-421-2456 or 1-800-575-3335
Delta Airlines: 1-888-352-2746, option #6
If you need to make a reservation for a pet traveling with you, in cabin, please call  your airline reservation number.

Where can I purchase a travel kennel?
Walmart, Kmart, Petco and Petsmart has a large selection of soft and hard kennels.  

Can Island Dog assist me with vetting and flying my rescue back to the United States? 
While we do NOT have the funds to pay for your rescued pet, we can help you with the vetting and transportation of your new pet.  We provide these services on the East Coast of Puerto Rico, please contact us at 

What are the costs associated with rescuing an Island Dog?
In a perfect world, money would grow on trees and Island Dog would be able to pay all the bills involved in rescuing an Island Dog.  But the world is a bit messy and we have yet to find a money tree.   Here is the down-low of what to expect in the world of financing an Island Dog rescue. Vet Bill:  On average, the total cost of vet care is $250 for heartworm negative, $500-$1,000.00 for heartworm positive dog.  This costs include health check, heartworm 4 dx test, fecal test, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, flea/tick bath, assorted medications... **If you need to board your new rescue at a veterinary clinic or a boarding facility, fees will range from $15.00 to $25.00 a day. Travel: Health Certificate, travel kennel, and flight.  Traveling expenses vary depending if the dog is flying with you in cabin or cargo, which airline, and size of the dog.  Fees range from $200 to $600.00.  

Have you found an Island Dog but because of various reasons, you can not keep a new pet?  
If you have found or rescued an animal that you can not keep, please google a rescue group or shelter in your area. Or click here to see a list of organizations.

​If you are a resident of Puerto Rico, Vieques, or Culebra and need help spaying/neutering your new found pet, please click here for our voucher application. Each voucher provides a health exam, vaccinations, and sterilization surgery.

Has an Island Dog stolen your heart? 
Island Dog understands the dynamics of saving an island dog and inviting them into your family. To make your travel and adoption easier, we have listed some important questions with answers that we hope will make your adoption go as stress free as possible.
​Thank you for adopting an Island Dog!!!

Emergency Help

Have you found a pet and need emergency assistance?  Click here for a list of veterinarians in Puerto Rico.   
For help after hours or on weekends, please contact the following Emergency Clinics:

The Animal Emergency Clinic--787-765-1120 -- 387 Ave Domenech, Hato Rey
Veterinaria 24/7 -- 787-751-2742 -- 270 Ave Jesus T. Pinero, San Juan, PR 00925
​San Juan Condado Veterinary Hospital (open 24 hrs, but doctors not always on staff. Call first.) -787-724-9333 -- 73 Condado Ave, Condado, San Juan
The Animal Medical Hospital-- 787-583-0008 -- Cabo Rojo 

**Island Dog does not offer emergency services.  Please understand that we are often overwhelmed and embrace your help in caring for the dog/cat you find in Puerto Rico.  If you need advice, please feel free to email us at, and please leave a phone number if we need to contact you by phone.  We do NOT have funds for emergency care or for the rescue of your pet.  We operate off donations from people like yourself.If you have found a pet and can't take the pet home with you, please contact a local shelters or rescue in your area.