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WE LOVE Puerto Rico and that is why we work so hard to make the island a better place for not only animals but also the people who reside in this beautiful destination.  HOWEVER, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company needs to understand the devastating consequences of the animal problem.  Not only are animals suffering and dying senseless deaths, but the island is also losing millions of dollars a year in tourist revenue.   This revenue is vital to our economic growth and stability.  

If you have recently visited Puerto Rico and were upset by the animal problem please send a letter to the following people.  OR if you have recently became aware of the animal problem please consider taking a few minutes to help the animals of Puerto Rico.  

Puerto Rico Tourism Company
​Sra. Ingrid Rivera Rocafort, Executive Director
PO Box 9023960
San Juan, PR 00902-3960
(787) 721-2898

Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association
Clarisa Jimenez, President & CEO
Doral Bank PlazaCalle Resolución #33Suite 701-B
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920
(787) 758-8001