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ADOPT!!!!!!! It doesn't matter where you adopt from, please just help the millions of homeless animals by adopting!  There are thousands of pure bred and adorable mutts needing your LOVE today!!

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WHY is it so important I become involved in Island Dog's Mission? 

Today, there is an estimated 200,000+ homeless dogs roaming the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico.  With less than 10 shelters/control agencies on an island the size of Connecticut, 98% of these animals will either die of starvation, illness, or murder.  An estimated 500 pets die a day in control centers.  In addition to the dogs dying in control facilities, hundreds of carcasses can be found lining the roads, and thousands more are buried in the sand.  With almost no help from the Puerto Rican or U.S. Governments, the island's animal crisis continues to grow out of control.  You can help STOP the violence and devastation.  Join us as we build animal-friendly communities in these societies.