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spay & neuter programs

Over 50% of the population in Puerto Rico lives below the poverty line.  Because many families have a difficult time feeding themselves, Island Dog created a discount spay and neuter program.  For the low cost of $55.00, residents of Puerto Rico receive sterilization surgery, vaccines, and a health exam.  For many locals this is their first introduction to a veterinarian. 

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Although we are "Island Dog," we love cats!  AND we can't ignore the thousands of homeless cats we encounter.   While we would love to rescue many of the cats we meet, there is still a serious cat overpopulation problem in the United States.  Therefore, we have created a trap & release program. Each cat is sterilized, vaccinated, given medications, and fed.  ‚Äč
Island Dog created Community Dog Project in 2008 because of the 200,000 + homeless dogs in Puerto Rico.  This project provides spay & neuter for dogs that are cared for but not own owned. Many of these dogs have been living on the streets since they were born and are not adoptable. They are happy on the streets.   All dogs vaccinated, tagged, and spayed/neutered and monitored by volunteers.  

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community Dog Sterilzation

Island Dog is focused on helping animals in Puerto Rico by concentrating on the  BIG picture.   Our spay & neuter programs are  key to ending animal overpopulation and reducing unwanted births.  WHY?  Because PREVENTION is always better than a cure!!