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   Island Dogs are extremely popular!  We first place available dogs on our Facebook page and News Feed.  If we do not find homes via those methods we then place on Petfinder.  Sometimes our Petfinder pages are empty, but that does not reflect the dogs we have for adoption.  Please visit our Facebook and News feed or contact us at for a list of dogs available.  For Petfinder dogs, please click on the location closest to you.  We can also ship our dogs directly from Puerto Rico to your local airport.  Please contact us at to speak with us about adopting directly from PR. 



New Jersey

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​Island Dog's Adoption Fee is $275.00.  This fee includes full health exam, 4DX Heartworm Test, deworming, frontline & heartguard, vaccines and spay/neuter surgery.   Please keep in mind that an Island Dog's average rescue cost is $600-$1,000 because we have to pay for each dog's flight and travel kennel to the United States, PLUS medical care, boarding/foster care, and general needs. *This fee is TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  ALL ISLAND DOGS ARE SPAYED/NEUTERED BEFORE ADOPTION.  


If you would like to adopt an Island Dog, please fill out our adoption application and press SUBMIT.  Upon approval you will be required to sign our Adoption Contract.  Contracts will be signed at time of adoption. Island Dog prides itself on our adoption friendly process! PLEASE...Serious Inquires ONLY! 


Island Dog encourages you to consider adopting from a shelter or a rescue group before you contact a breeder or pet shop (which may be selling dogs from puppy mills.)

Please remember, puppy mills and breeders are breeding dogs/cats for financial gain.  Most charge thousands of dollars for animals inadequately bred.  Improperly bred animals create expensive medical problems. There are wonderful breeders working to maintain a standard and preserve some breeds; however, these breeders make up only a small percentage.

Most animals are born selfishly to meet humans' financial needs.  When you adopt a shelter pet, there is no financial gain. The gain is pure reward for saving an animals life.